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What to Wear Rafting

what is wear Rafting

We recommend wearing non-cotton comfortable quick drying clothing. On sunny and warm days a bathing suit, sandals with retention straps or watershoes, and a performance fabric short sleeve shirt are adequate. On cooler days a long sleeved performance fabric shirt or fleece would be appropriate.

On our more advanced runs or on moderate runs during high flow periods we require wetsuits. Wetsuits, neoprene booties and nylon splash jackets are available on all wear rafting trips and usage will depend on personal comfort levels. The temperature of the river water will vary from river to river and throughout the summer. In general we will recommend outfitting yourself in the additional gear if you get cold easily, if it’s a cloudy day, during high flow periods, and early season during peak snowmelt.

We also recommend: Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a dry change of clothes to change in to after your trip. These items can be purchased at the office in our retail shop.

We will have a professional photography company take your pictures on one of the rapids, and have photos of your trip available for viewing and purchase following your trip wear rafting.

Guide gratuities are also appropriate  and greatly appreciated if you enjoyed your trip

Wear Rafting

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Wear Rafting