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Mary Beth Raft Guide


Raft Guide



Palatine, IL

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Fun Facts

MB’s older brother, TJ, guided at PT for 7 years and she fell in love with rafting after going with him.

Winter job: Ski tech at Steamboat/ professional student

Favorite part about working for PT: The ability to play with 19 dogs every day, and watching the Foleys get on the river as a family.

2018 Guide Olympics Champion!

What Guests Say About Marybeth

Our guide, Marybeth was awesome at navigating the river at the lower water level of July all the while pointing out points of interest. When asked by the mother of another family in our raft to splash her teenage children, Mary Beth skillfully hit the next rapids to soak them, then returned the favor for the other side of the raft upon request. Her skill was evident as she navigated the raft at will.

What Guests Say About Marybeth

Our ages were from 75 to 16. It was truly the most thrilling and exciting river raft trip I have ever been on. MB was a fantastic guide as we went through some wild water. They served us a great lunch and it was the perfect day. I would highly recommend this trip, especially with MB as a guide. She was so much fun. She shared interesting facts along the way, and we could tell she was very experienced.


July 2019

What Guests Say About Marybeth

We were lucky enough to get Marybeth (MB) who was FANTASTIC! Friendly, extremely knowledgeable about the area, proficient at guiding the raft, and excellent at directing us all for an exciting ride ~ she was everything we could have wanted in a guide!