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Ashley with a boat of happy guests


Raft Guide


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Fun Facts

Winter Job: Dog Sledding Guide

Pets: 3 dogs – Morty, Jamie and Ruger

Favorite Day Off Activities: Hiking, more rafting, full moon adventures

What Guests Say About Ashley

Ashley did an awesome job of making us feel safe and having a ton of fun too. We experienced rapids ranging from class II to IV and successfully navigated them all! They provided an excellent lunch as well. There were chips, guacamole, hummus, blueberries, strawberries, and cheese-its to tide us over while waiting for lunch. Then, there was several choices of bread and several choices of lunchmeat and cheese as well as peanut butter and fresh raw veggies for the meal.


June 2019

What Guests Say About Ashley

Our guide Ashley (aka Splashly) was amazing! She took extra care of my daughter who was a bit cold and added extra thrill for my son letting him ride bull and humoring him by letting him jump in and swim (which he instantly decided was a bad plan as it was super cold). She was very knowledgeable, did a great job navigating our raft, and always kept us well informed for what she needed from us prior to each of the different rapids. You could really tell she took our safety seriously and made the day fun filled at the same time


August 2019

What Guests Say About Ashley

Rafting with Ashley as our guide with Performance Tours has been the highlight of our entire trip so far. She was amazingly knowledgeable and fun all day long. Ashley was Calm, collected and resourceful.


September 2019