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Stay healthy, active, and connected on river with your family

Stay Healthy-Active-And Connected On River With Your Family

Stay Healthy-Active-And Connected On River With Your Family

Stay Healthy-Active-And Connected On River With Your Family

We spent most of the spring sequestered in our houses, planning the next adventure or family vacation. Soon we will return to some version of normal and put time and space between the weeks we spent cooped up in our homes. Families will flock to the mountains, where they can enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors. For those looking to plan the perfect nature escape while staying healthy, we recommend booking a whitewater rafting trip.

The Great Outdoors

We’ve learned a lot over the last few months in quarantine, discovered new shows, watched old movies, and some of us are even starting to understand how zoom works! We’ve learned to appreciate the little things that may have gone unnoticed before, like a walk through the woods with a friend, or day trip with the family.

With mountains to climb, trails to bike, and rivers to run, Colorado is an incredible recreation destination. Families are looking forward to the fresh air, wildlife activity, and vast landscapes to explore. Whitewater rafting trips are a unique Colorado experience that are only accessible to those who own a raft or experienced outfitters.

Social Distancing in Nature

Though some popular trails may make socially distancing difficult, there is always room on the river.

Performance Tours has added a new trip option for guests looking to experience the river while maximizing safety and minimizing exposure. Reserve your family a private whitewater rafting trip on the Arkansas River! Your group will have a dedicated boat, a dedicated van, and your very own raft guide.

Reconnect on the River

There are no phones, televisions, iPads, or video games on the river. Without the noise of electronic distractions, your family will be able to unplug, slow down, and enjoy nature. You’ll work as a team to navigate rapids, laugh at silly raft guide jokes, and make memories together.

Between the homeschool attempts, interrupted virtual meetings, and the endless to-do list, your family deserves a break from monotonous responsibilities. Reward them with a whitewater raft trip and give them something to look forward to.