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Save 25% on May Raft Trips – Early Season Tips

Raft Trips

Rafting in May: Less people on the river, more wildlife activity, and early season savings!

Book your May raft trips before April 30 and save 25%. Offer valid on available class 2 & 3 trips, including Browns Canyon National Monument, Bighorn Sheep Canyon and Mild & Scenic.

May in Colorado can be a bit tricky for planning outdoor adventures. Some days it’s 65 and sunny and some days it might be snowing. Here are a few tips and tricks for planning an early-season rafting trip in Colorado.

Watch the Weather

Weather in Colorado varies minute-by-minute and sometimes mile-by-mile. When it is raining or snowing in Summit County, it could be sunny and dry in  Browns Canyon National Monument. If it’s damp in Buena Vista, CO, it might be 75 degrees at the Royal Gorge. You just never know! If you’re worried about the forecast, give us a call. There are a few things we can do to make your early season experience more comfortable.

Early Season Tips

Get the Gear

Opt for the wetsuit, splash jacket, and bootie rentals. You can also bring additional layers made from quick-dry outdoor materials like wool, fleece, microfleece, polyester, and waterproof jackets.

Check Conditions

A river flows in May can be very different from one day to the next. Early May might have lower water levels as the mountain snowpack hasn’t had much of a chance to melt. Late May usually has very exciting flows, as warmer temps have transformed the snow melt into splashy whitewater. Give us a call to check the conditions.

Have Fun!

Rafting is fun in every season. Pack your sense of adventure, and a great attitude, and jump in the boat with one of our professional whitewater guides.