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Scenic photo of the numbers section on the Arkansas River

Private Whitewater Rafting Trips


Soak up the sunshine, splash along the river. And seize the summer with one of our private river trips!

Does your group want their own boat?

Performance Tours has added a new trip option for guests looking to customize their river experience. Reserve one of our private group rafting trips on the Arkansas River for your family or group!

Arkansas River private whitewater rafting trips

Your group will have a dedicated boat. And your very own raft guide. Pricing for private group rafting trips is based on a minimum of 5 guests. Whether your group has 2-5 paddlers, the cost for a private boat and guide will remain the same. Our boats can hold up to 7 guests + your guide and will be priced accordingly for groups of 6 or 7.

As a safety precaution, there will always be multiple boats on the river at the same time, though each group will have their own and raft guide.

The experience begins with our “no-contact” check-in process, which includes online booking, payments and digital waivers. Guests are encouraged to arrive in their river clothes, though changing areas will still be provided.

Your group will transported in a van to the put-in and picked up at the take-out. Private groups do not have private transportation but will have their own designated boat and guide on the river.

After departing from your van or bus at the put-in, an experienced raft guide will lead your group through a riverside safety talk. Once the boat is in the water, you’ll have plenty of time to practice your paddle strokes before your guide navigates you through exciting whitewater rapids.

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Questions about our private trips? Send us a message!

    We recommend the Browns Canyon National Monument, Bear Creek, Royal Gorge, or Bighorn Sheep Canyon trips for private river adventures.

    Yes! Most of our raft trips are family-friendly and the private raft trips are no exception. Minimum age restrictions will be either 7 years old and at least 50 lb. for Browns Canyon and 4 years old and at least 30 lb. for Bear Creek. Exceptions are made when the water levels subside. We may also adjust upward during above average flow rates.

    Performance Tours Rafting is dedicated to the safety of our guests and guides. We have a no-contact check-in procedure and are adjusting tour arrival times to minimize or eliminate guest interaction. There will likely be other guests at the river put-in and take-out. Private trips do not have their own transportation, however the group will have a designated boat and guide.

    Private trips will meet in Buena Vista or our Royal Gorge offices.

    Looking for a customized pick-up and drop off for your group adventure? Give us a call at 800.328.7238!

    Life jackets, lunches, equipment, what to bring, what to wear…

    Our FAQ page has all the answers you need.