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Policies and Code of Conduct

Reservation Information

Responsibility of Group Leaders:

It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation/group leader to inform all the participants in the group of the departure location and meeting times, assumption of risks, policies, and physical requirements of the trip.


Cancellation Policy

Flexible Cancellation Policy:

We have the most flexible cancellation policy in the industry. However, due to operating funds being committed before the departure date, expenses cannot be recovered on late cancellations and no shows. If you are late for your departure time, we cannot delay a trip and will depart at the scheduled time. If you or anyone in your party is late, we will try to get you on the next departure based on availability. If we cannot accommodate your late arrivals then it will result in forfeiting the price of the trip.


Assumption of Risk and Liability

Inherent Risks of Rafting:

Rafting involves inherent risk and dangers; therefore, each rafting participant is required to complete a liability waiver which includes a release, assumption of risk, and indemnification agreement. Minors must provide a release signed by a parent or guardian.


Trip Modifications

Flexibility in Trip Modifications:

Performance Tours reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or change river sections, raft size, number of guests per boat, and trip format, due to water levels, weather, participants’ physical ability, or factors beyond our control.


Choosing the Right Trip

Physical Condition Requirements:

Physical condition requirements vary depending on river conditions and classifications. Safety is our top priority. Whitewater rafting does have inherent risk and is physically demanding. Essential Eligibility Criteria includes good physical condition and mobility is expected.


Safety Measures:

Performance Tours prioritizes safety by implementing coast guard approved life jackets, having trained guides in river skills, First Aid and CPR, providing excellent equipment, conducting safety briefings for participants, and assisting guests in selecting the best trip for your group.


Physical Requirements:

Rafting necessitates physical abilities including sitting on a raft, self-rescue capability (moving your arms and legs to return to the boat or riverbank), and fitting into safety equipment (life jacket with a 56-inch Chest size, wet suit, helmet, splash jacket).


Environmental Challenges:

Moreover, environmental challenges may arise. The river environment is ever-changing, and the terrain to and from the boats may be uneven and rocky, requiring mobility and good balance.


Medical Conditions:

If you have specific medical conditions, consult your medical provider and inform our staff to to further discuss and assess your rafting suitability. We strive to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Undisclosed medical or physical conditions could impact safety. Please discuss any conditions or accommodations before booking.