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Blue River Rafting,DIRECTIONS

Wedding Parties

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Make your last ride one to remember with Performance Tours Rafting. Making memories on the river is what we do best and can ensure that you and your party will remember your whitewater adventure years down the road. Whether you are looking for a relaxing float trip to soak up Colorado’s sunshine or a thrilling ride down some rowdy rapids, we have you covered!

Pay Individually

Organizing a bachelor or bachelorette trip can be costly to the organizer. We allow large groups to pay individually which takes the pressure of the financial commitment off of the organizer. Once the trip has been booked, we will provide the party leader with a link where other guests can fill out their waivers and billing. Performance Tours aims to eliminate stress in our booking process so that you can enjoy your whitewater rafting trip and truly experience the river!

Please call our office to arrange a customized group raft trip and to receive a discounted group rate. 800.328.7238

A group of guys having a great time while rafting

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What Makes Performance Tours Different?

Custom Group Discounts

We do custom discounts for large parties. Please call or email our office for a customized quote.

Award Winning Service

We have been voted the Best Rafting Company in Summit County for 12 years in a row! We have earned by providing amazing service year after year. Safety is always our number one priority but we also strive for every guest to have an incredible time on the river.

Free and Easy Parking

We know how frustrating it is when you book an activity and end up being late or missing it because you could not find parking. We have a free, large parking lot, so when you get to our outpost you can immediately start to gear up for your adventure.