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Corporate Events

Elevate your team-building with a thrilling whitewater rafting experience!

When thinking of corporate team-building events, conference room games and icebreakers often come to mind. However, the most memorable and impactful experiences come from adventures that push boundaries and unite employees. Welcome to the world of whitewater rafting with Performance Tours!
Why Choose Whitewater Rafting for Corporate Team-Building?
  1. Strengthen Team Dynamics: Whitewater rafting epitomizes teamwork. To navigate the exhilarating Colorado rapids, every team member must communicate effectively, paddle in harmony, and trust each other. Such team dynamics translate seamlessly back to the workplace.
  2. Unforgettable Experience: With over 37 years of experience, Performance Tours ensures your corporate event is fun and safe. Every ripple and wave promises laughter, camaraderie, and stories to be shared and remembered back in the office.
  3. Nurturing Bonds Outside the Workspace: Nature serves as the perfect backdrop to let down barriers. Away from the confines of the office, employees can form better bonds in a relaxed and beautiful environment, enhancing inter-departmental relationships and understanding.
Family-Friendly Rafting Tours
Easy Rafting for Coworkers
Not every rafting adventure needs to test your adrenaline threshold. Performance Tours offers a variety of family-friendly rafting experiences. Whether you’re seeking gentle flows suitable for beginners or thrilling Class IV rapids, there’s something for everyone. These inclusive adventures ensure that every member of your team, regardless of age or ability, is part of this bonding experience.
Why Performance Tours?
We aren’t just about whitewater rafting; we’re about crafting stories, experiences, and memories. Our heritage dates back to 1986, making us one of the longest family-owned and operated rafting companies in Colorado. We prioritize safety, and above all, we prioritize our guests’ happiness. Our track record speaks for itself – from wedding parties and sports teams to church groups, we’ve hosted a plethora of groups, all walking away with smiles and unforgettable moments.
Fun Corporate Event Ideas
In the competitive corporate world, it’s crucial to stay unique in your business offerings and how you treat and train your team. Why settle for traditional when you can offer extraordinary? Dive into the world of team-building with a difference, and let Performance Tours guide your corporate team-building events into the heart of the Colorado rapids. With us, every drop of water tells a tale of adventure, unity, and the essence of teamwork.
Contact us today, and let’s plan the ultimate corporate event your employees will talk about for years to come!

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