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Family Rafting in Colorado


5 Reasons to Bring your Family Rafting in Colorado

Family Rafting in Colorado Arkansas River

The snow has melted, the flowers are blooming and the rivers are running! Springtime in the Rockies means it’s time to start planning your family rafting trip in Colorado. Summertime in the mountains is a magical time; the days are longer, the air is warmer and the stars seem a bit brighter. It’s the best time of year to make memories with your family, and the best memories are made on the river.

  1. Family Rafting in coloradoCherish Moments. Time seems to stop when you’re on the river. Maybe it’s the fact that you probably don’t have your cell phone (see #4) or maybe it’s just counting the breaths between paddle strokes. Moments on the river are to be cherished. No one is worried about tomorrow or thinking about yesterday. You are living in the moment. There’s no time like the present when you’re grinning ear to ear and screaming with delight at every splash!
  2. Create Memories Together. Whitewater rafting allows families to create unique memories together. We constantly hear that whitewater rafting was voted the best activity on family vacations. You get to spend quality time with your loved ones while experiencing the natural beauty of the Colorado rivers. When children are asked what their favorite part of their Colorado vacation was? Whitewater rafting deserves the #1 spot!
  3. Safety is our #1 Priority. Fun is a close second. Performance Tours Rafting has been around for 31 years and we pride ourselves on our incredible reputation and impeccable safety record. All Performance Tours raft guides go through a rigorous state-required guide certification program and we exceed the State of Colorado’s requirements for guides by doubling the minimum number of training hours. You are in good hands.
  4. UN-Plug and Getaway. Unless you brought your GoPro (we have GoPro helmet mounts!) the river is no place for electronics. Use your time on the river to unplug and step away from the demands of modern life. No cell phones. No iPads. No Email. Just you, your family, and the gorgeous Colorado scenery. Don’t worry, our professional whitewater photographers will capture the moments!
  5. Something for Everyone. Everyone loves whitewater rafting. From 4 years old to 104, we’ve got trips for all ages and abilities. It can be hard to find an activity that will please everyone on your family vacation, but whitewater rafting is always a big hit. Our reservation specialists can recommend a trip that will satisfy everyone’s appetite for adventure, from mild family float trips to wild whitewater!