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Looking for the best Royal Gorge river rafting experience? Performance Tours offers amazing rafting experiences in the stunning Royal Gorge region of Colorado. In this section of the Arkansas River, you will find a high desert landscape surrounded by beautiful views of canyon walls, the highest suspension bridge in North America, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains in every direction. The Royal Gorge is one of the deepest canyons in Colorado, and sections of the canyon have walls that tower over 1000 feet high. The impressive Royal Gorge Bridge towers over the river and crosses at a height of 955 feet over the roaring river below. It is quite an impressive sight from the canyon valley and is one of the highlights of rafting trips here. The powerful Arkansas River starts high in the snow capped Rocky Mountains and provides some of the best rafting anywhere.

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Rafting Near Canon City

Our guides know every section of the Arkansas River like the back of their hand and have led thousands of guests through rapids as they travel down this amazing river. Our whitewater rafting trips in the Royal Gorge give you access to an adventure unlike anything else, and our trips are truly ones you will never forget. These trips are great options for those staying in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City, and other nearby cities. Our Royal George office is located at the turn for the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, making it easy to add an unforgettable rafting adventure to your Royal Gorge experience. 


Performance Tours has been a leader in Royal Gorge whitewater rafting for over 35 years! Our goal is always to prioritize guest safety, while delivering trips that are memorable for your entire group. Rafting is an experience unlike anything else in Colorado, and no trip to the Royal Gorge is complete without a rafting adventure with our team. Our Royal Gorge outpost is located just one hour south of Colorado Springs and just minutes from Canon City.

Royal Gorge

Our Royal Gorge whitewater rafting experiences lead you through some of the most impressive and unique sections of the Arkansas River. There are breathtaking views around every bend of the river, and our guides will help your group travel across rapids like Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, Wallslammer, Boateater, and many more. While rafting, watch for deer, bighorn sheep, and eagles, as they are abundant in this area. This trip can range in difficulty, and early summer will feature higher flows that can be more difficult. Later in the season, as the water levels lower, the minimum age may drop to 14 years old. No matter if you are a seasoned expert or a first-time rafter, whitewater rafting at the Royal Gorge is sure to impress your group and leave you with some unforgettable memories.

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

Bighorn Sheep Canyon is located just north of the Royal Gorge and is the perfect spot for first-time rafters and families. This impressive section of river passes through a beautiful canyon known for holding Colorado’s largest herd of bighorn sheep. It is perfect for those looking for excitement at a slower pace. On this section of the river, your guide will take you across rapids like 3 rocks, 5 points, Spike Buck, Double Dip, Sharks Tooth, Texas Creek, and Lose Your Lunch. This whitewater rafting adventure in Royal Gorge, Colorado is sure to provide unforgettable memories filled with splashes, thrilling sections of rapids, plenty of sunshine, and breathtaking views.

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Colorado Springs to Canon City

Colorado Springs to Royal Gorge Google Maps Directions

  1. Take Hwy 115 south (Nevada Ave. exit 140 off of I-25) out of Colorado Springs.
  2. Turn right onto the US Hwy 50 west exit, also known as the Canon City exit.
  3. Drive west on US Hwy 50 for 8 miles past Canon City.
  4. Look for the turnoff for the Royal Gorge Bridge and turn left.
  5. Our location will be approximately ¼ mile down from Hwy 50 on the right side.

Denver to Canon City

 Denver to Royal Gorge Google Maps Directions

  1. Take I-25 south to Colorado Springs.
  2. Exit onto Hwy 115 South (Nevada Ave. exit 140 off of I-25) out of Colorado Springs.
  3. Turn right onto the US Hwy 50 west exit, also known as the Canon City exit.
  4. Continue on US Hwy 50 west for 8 miles beyond Canon City.
  5. Look for the turnoff for the Royal Gorge Bridge and turn left.
  6. Our location will be approximately ¼ mile down from Hwy 50 on the right side.

Royal Gorge Rafting FAQs

While the Royal Gorge is renowned for its thrilling whitewater rafting experiences, it's not recommended for casual floating or tubing due to the challenging rapids and rugged terrain. Performance Tours Rafting offers guided rafting trips available for those seeking to navigate the gorge's impressive whitewater with a professional river guide.

Some of the notable rapids you may encounter while rafting through the Royal Gorge include Sunshine Falls, Sledgehammer, Boat Eater, Wallslammer, and the infamous Royal Gorge Rapid itself.

Whitewater rafting in the Royal Gorge can range from intermediate to advanced difficulty levels, depending on the specific section of the river and current water conditions. The gorge section of the Arkansas River features challenging rapids with varying degrees of intensity, making it suitable for experienced rafters seeking an exhilarating adventure.

The Performance Tours office is just over an hour from Colorado Springs.

The Royal Gorge rafting location is 2 hours southeast of Breckeckenridge. 

The Royal Gorge rafting trips depart 8 miles west of Canon City. Performance Tours outpost is located on the road to the world famous Royal Gorge suspension bridge. Our address is 193 County Road 3 A Canon City CO 81212.