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Craig Hospital Patients Discover Whitewater Therapy


Whitewater Therapy with Craig Hospital

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Monday, June 27th, Buena Vista, CO – Six patients from Craig Hospital in Denver joined Performance Tours Rafting for an exciting day out of the hospital, to enjoy whitewater therapy on the Arkansas River. It was a beautiful day in Browns Canyon National monument and the Craig Hospital crew brought their positive attitudes to navigate the rapids. Everyday on the Arkansas is a special day, but today was an exceptional day for a whitewater adventure, with an extraordinary crew.

Craig Hospital specializes in spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. They provide comprehensive medical care, rehabilitation, neurosurgical rehabilitative care, and long-term follow-up services to inpatients and outpatients in Englewood, Colorado. The Craig Hospital Therapeutic Recreation Program offers patients unique opportunities for travel, sports, and outdoor recreation. There are a variety of activities for alumni and current patients including scuba diving, hand cycling, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and of course – whitewater rafting. Thank you to the Craig Hospital crew for joining us on the river!

Click the links to learn more about Craig Hospital and their Therapeutic Recreation Program.

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