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Colorado Snowpack Update, January 2022

Tim Performance Tours Raft Guide

Colorado Snowpack Update January 2022

Get excited for the 2022 whitewater rafting season!

Colorado’s snowpack is a crucial part of whitewater rafting. The rivers we all know, and love get their water from snowmelt. We adore snow for our winter sports but a lot of snow during the winter makes for a great rafting season in the summer. Not only do we wish for a good snowpack but temperatures stay low during the winter months, so the snow doesn’t prematurely melt.

Map of Colorado with the current snowpack

The snowpack is looking great this year and is getting us more excited than ever to get back out on the river! The beginning of winter was grim but Colorado’s average snowpack across the state has reached 128%. Some areas of the state looking like they may surpass 150% snowpack with the next storm that rolls in.

“The current Colorado snowpack levels got a nice boost over the holidays and statewide is at 128% of average, with some basins close to 150%! Hopefully we’ll see a lot more snowstorms roll through before we break out the rafts this coming Spring!”

Kevin Foley, President & Owner of Performance Tours Rafting

Things are on the up and up when comparing the snowpack to 2021; all areas in Colorado are up year over year. It doesn’t stop there! We are going to have a winter storm at the end of January that will dust us with a few inches across the state.

Don’t forget to keep praising Ullr because winter isn’t over yet. Colorado is notorious for large spring storms that will continue to increase the snowpack and create an unforgettable summer full of days on the river. This year is no exception especially because it is a La Nina year. This is associated with high precipitation in the second half of winter. So, don’t start getting those PFD’s out yet, we still have a few storms ahead of us but when the time comes, be ready for a season of incredible flows!