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Best Lunch on the River!

Best lunch on the riverLunch on the River

Nothing makes you hungrier than a day of paddling on the river! Guest joining us for a full day whitewater rafting adventure, which includes a riverside lunch or the Summit Deluxe 3/4 day trip dining at our Buena Vista outpost, will be delighted to see our popular lunch menu. Load up on a buffet style of fresh deli meats, veggies, cheeses, choices of breads and wraps, condiments, fruits, chips, salsa, guacamole and even cookies for desert.

Dietary restrictions are not a problem with Performance Tours! Our considerate staff is able to accommodate dietary restrictions within a days notice.

Gluten free grandma? We’ll provide GF bread!

Mother is a vegetarian? We’ve got plenty of veggie options for mom.

Cousin is a carnivore? Extra meat for cuz!

Little sister is a vegan? Avocado is a must.

Your friend only eats fish? How about tuna salad?

Whatever your dietary restrictions are, make sure to give our office a call to confirm availability and give us a chance to accommodate you and your group – 1.800.328.7238.

Food is a crucial element of any experience, and the folks at Performance Tours Rafting understand that. Don’t just take it from us, check out some of our reviews on TripAdvisor below.

“PT provides an amazing spread for lunch if you take advantage of the full day trip, 100% worth it. I’ve been using PT for the past 3 years now, and wouldn’t book with any other company.” – Justin, Aurora, CO

“Worth mentioning, our lunch was a fantastic spread. The food was refreshing, plentiful and delicious (I’ve been on other tours where soggy bologna was our only option).” – Ed, Omaha, NE

“All the rafts stopped for lunch at a spot called Big Drop and all the guides quickly set up tables and began preparing an amazing lunch! Meats, veggies, cheeses, choices of breads and wraps, fruits, chips, cookies (even Circus Cookies picked by MB!!) ~ a full spread and enough to fill up everyone ~ We all got to sit and relax and visit and then they got everything packed back up, cleaned up the area, and we all got back to paddling.” – Les, New York, NY