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August Rafting Adventures

August Rafting Adventures near Breckenridge

August Rafting Adventures

There’s a rumor out there that it is time to squash.

Some folks think that rafting is an activity limited to early summers in Colorado, but that’s just not true! Thanks to the Arkansas River Voluntary Flow Management program, our guests get to enjoy amazing whitewater rafting conditions well into August. The Arkansas River is truly a recreational paradise: fly fishing, whitewater kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding, and our personal favorite – whitewater rafting! If you’re passionate about spending time outdoors, and on the river – the Arkansas River (or ARK to locals) is the place to be.

August Rafting Adventures near Breckenridge Sure, Colorado summers can feel a little short-lived, but boy do they sure burn bright! If you’re anything like the Performance Tours Rafting crew, you strive to make the most of every cloudless morning, sunny afternoon, and summer evening. We prefer to spend as much time on the river as possible, and thanks to the flow management program on the Ark, we’re able to paddle our way through August.

Looking at current flows and river conditions in Browns Canyon today, you could hardly tell that it’s already August! Recent rain storms and heavy precipitation upstream has brought us higher than average water levels for early August. Guests are enjoying the big waves and exciting splashes on Browns Canyon and Numbers, while families soaking up the sunshine on the ‘mighty’ Mild & Scenic, are happy for the mellow class I-II floats.

Are you interested in booking an August adventure with Breckenridge’s best rafting company? Give our friendly and knowledgeable reservation staff a call to reserve the best rafting adventure for you and your crew!

Mild & Mellow, Class 1+

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Moderate & Exciting, Class 3+

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Wet & Wild, Class 4+

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