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Daytripping to the Royal Gorge, Rafting with a large splash

5 Reasons You Should Raft the Royal Gorge this Summer

Rafting through a large rapid

Raft the Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge is just an hour southwest of Colorado Springs and two hours from Breckenridge. The Royal Gorge is known as “Colorado’s most iconic wonders”. Experience the spectacular beauty, the vast array of wildlife, the famous bridge, countless activities to try, and the fascinating history. There is nothing quite like it and here are our 5 reasons you should raft the Royal Gorge this summer.

1. The Scenery

Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”, the Royal Gorge has beautiful steep walls that reach 1,200 feet in some areas! Even though the gorge is an arid region, it is surrounded with lush, green hills. Not to mention the river! The juxtaposition of the rigid canyon walls and the flowing river is a sight you won’t forget.

Rock formations in the Royal Gorge

2. The Wildlife

Countless animals call the Royal Gorge home. Because of the variety in terrain, you will find a large variety of critters. While rafting, keep an eye out for deer, bighorn sheep, and eagles. Bighorn Sheep Canyon hosts Colorado’s largest bighorn sheep herd. After conquering the rapids, try out your birdwatching skills. Additionally, this area is known for bird-watching in Colorado.

3. The Bridge

Feast your eyes on the highest suspension bridge in the United States! Built in 1929, the Royal Gorge Bridge sits 956 above the Arkansas River. Pass under this iconic bridge while whitewater rafting. Since the late 1800s, the beauty of the Royal Gorge has captured the attention of many nature lovers. The famous bridge has only made more people want to visit.

Royal Gorge Bridge

4. The Perfect Place for Thrill-Seekers

We believe that whitewater rafting through the Royal Gorge is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do while visiting. Lucky for you, the thrills don’t stop at taking on class IV+ rapids! Zipline parallel to the bridge and cross the gorge yourself. Climb the walls of the canyon on the via ferrata course. You can even swing over the walls of the Royal Gorge on the skycoaster. Find your ideal level of adventure in the Royal Gorge.

5. The History

The Royal Gorge has a rich history. Each time you visit the Royal Gorge, you contribute to the ever-evolving story! It all began with silver. The boom in silver drew a few railroad company’s attention. A war broke out between them, and caused tension in the canyon. Denver and the Rio Grande won and is currently the railway used today. The best part of the Royal Gorge? Thanks to the incredible preservation, the wildlife population remains strong.

People getting splashed while rafting the Royal Gorge