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Popular Raft Trips

Popular Raft Trips

Not sure where to start when picking which whitewater trip is right for you? Start out with our most popular trips based on location!

Mild Raft Trips

Mild Raft Trips

Fully immerse yourself in Colorado’s wilderness with a unique view from the river with these family-friendly trips. Mild trips feature class I-II+ rapids and the minimum age ranges from 4 to 6 depending on the trip.

Moderate Raft Trips

Moderate Raft Trips

Moderate raft trips are exciting, splashy and our most popular. The class III+ rapids are the perfect intro to whitewater with a healthy mix of paddling and time to enjoy Colorado’s stunning scenery.

Challenging Raft Trips

Challenging Raft Trips

Calling all thrill-seekers! Our challenging trips are for those who love a good heart-pounding adventure and are not suitable for kids. The minimum age is 14 to 16 depending on water levels.

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5 Reasons You Should Raft the Royal Gorge this Summer

The Royal Gorge is just an hour southwest of Colorado Springs and two hours from Breckenridge. The Royal Gorge is known as “Colorado’s most iconic wonders”. Experience the spectacular beauty, the vast array of wildlife, the famous bridge, countless activities to try, and the fascinating history. There is nothing quite like it and here are our 5 reasons you should raft the Royal Gorge this summer. 1. The Scenery Known as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”, the Royal Gorge […]

Colorado Snowpack Update, January 2022

Colorado Snowpack Update January 2022 Get excited for the 2022 whitewater rafting season! Colorado’s snowpack is a crucial part of whitewater rafting. The rivers we all know, and love get their water from snowmelt. We adore snow for our winter sports but a lot of snow during the winter makes for a great rafting season in the summer. Not only do we wish for a good snowpack but that temperatures stay low during the winter months, so the snow doesn’t […]

Virtual raft trip brings peace to cancer patient in his final hours

When the Foley family received an email from Christine Major about planning a virtual raft trip for her father-in-law, who was battling pancreatic cancer, their hearts broke. Prior to his diagnosis in December 2019, Dr. Leslie “Lester” Major was in the process of planning a whitewater rafting trip. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancer diagnosis, the New York state physician never finalized his plans. In August 2021, when Dr. Major was told he only had a few months […]